573 Cavo Greko Avenue
Protaras, Cyprus, 5295
( +357 ) 237 30 500

Cape Greco National Forest Park

Stunning landscape with the blue sea as background. Fantastic place for a half day activity. Amazing views of cliffs, caves, blue sea, waves… The best way is to get there by car and drive from spot to spot, but walking can be done too, just to avoid midday in summer.


You can go there for the views of the turquoise seas and the fun of climbing the rocks and discovering the rock formations and caves. There were so many selfie spots and photo opportunities if you want beautiful backgrounds. Make sure that you are wearing trainers or other safe shoes as it is dangerous in places. It makes a great change from the beach for one day. There are places where you can swim. Take water because it is very hot in summer. Make sure that you visit the lovely new visitor centre with clean toilets and interesting displays and short film in multiple languages. Only €2 to get in for a break from the heat. You will enjoy it and learn a lot. The money goes to conserve the area.


There is a good bus connections (101 bus route) pretty close, not far to walk from bus stop. You can hire bikes from Cavo Zoe Seaside hotel. There are many paths for walking. There are some benches along the road and also a picnic spot. Recommended if your need to get away from streets! There is also a beautiful beach called Konnos beach nearby.