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573 Cavo Greko Avenue
Protaras, Cyprus, 5295
( +357 ) 237 30 500

Laid carefully on the buffets during breakfast, lunch and dinner with a variety of specialties, sweet and savory delights, theme nights and live cooking

Wake up in the morning and enjoy a marvelous breakfast buffet, with a plethora of flavors sure to make your day. In a splendid setting, you will sip freshly brewed coffee or orange juice as you are showered by the generous sun of the Mediterranean.
Everything your heart desires to get the energy you need is here, laid carefully on the buffets. Apart from breakfast, there are also Lunch and dinner buffets for you to indulge in and end your day with a variety of specialties. Sweet and savory delights, food options covering all dietary preferences and needs, wonderful surprises for your palate. A unique experience not to be missed.