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Keep Balance With Cavo Zoe
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With Cavo Zoe


  • Personal Training 1-1 indoor or outdoor – 60 mins 50 €
  • 3 PT sessions 1-1 – 3 x 60 mins 140€
  • Life Coaching – 45 mins 50€
  • Personalized program – 200€


“It’s not a destination, it’s a life journey.”


Personal Training

Completely personalized workout tailored to your physical and mental needs, under professional guidance from trainer with years of experience.

3x 60 mins – get the most out of the training, find your strengths and gain knowledge about your body



Personalized training guided by a professional personal trainer, outdoors or indoors, resistance training, bodyweight training, cardio, HIIT, circuit, etc.

Life Coaching

For everyone and anyone who strives to achieve happiness and fulfillment in life. With various techniques our life coach will guide you to identify your needs and sets you onto your desired path in life.



Individual coaching, discovering limiting and empowering beliefs, setting SMART goals, identifying values, stress management, action plan, regaining balance and happiness in life.


Personalized program

Great kickstart package to your journey for gaining energy, balance and vitality! Learn the foundation tools and take away guidance for life.



Full package including tailored workouts for 1-month, individual nutritional plan and guidance, 2x 1-1 Personal Training sessions with a professional trainer

BONUS 1hr FREE consultation and body composition assessments.


“What do you need in your life when lacking energy, feeling weak, not motivated to make a change and find balance? You need Nicol! From the moment I started my journey with Nicol I had an amazing support in every step we have made together. Her dedication and professionalism is impressive! I can not believe the result we have achieved in a very short time! I feel the desired balance coming back to my life. Therefore, I strongly suggest the services of Nicol – she keeps the balance for sure!”

Vaida Redikaite Steka

Nicol impresses us every time with her radiant warmth, energy and professionalism. Her sessions are never boring, and we always learn something new. Thank you so much for that dear Nicol!


Nicol explains and shows every things and move so fine and with great smile and passion. Competence paired with friendliness’s and humor make our sessions an experience that we enjoy so much!



Personal Trainer / Life Coach / Nutrition Coach

I’m highly motivated and professional personal coach with years of experience working with people. I’ve spent a long time striving for balance in life, trying variety of different exercises, diets, techniques and coaches myself, seeking to achieve equilibrity in my life.

I have realized it is not something we can accomplish at one time and then its done and stays like that forever. Like everything in life, balance is fluent and fluctuates depending on surrounding circumstances. Therefore, it is not a desired final destination, but rather a continuous journey.

Learning, improving, listening, observing, adapting, changing, evolving and never ending. Constant path we walk on to balance our health, money, relationships, work, mind, family and more.

I have learnt from multiple sources and through mine and my clients’ experiences. I don’t sell a certain technique, course, program or book with tips to follow that will “save and suit all”.

We are very unique and individual beings with different needs and preferences. That’s why my approach to any client its also very individual and personalized.

Together with my clients we are finding step by step what works for them and suits them best to keep their balance.

“Whatever you’re into, get into BALANCE.”

– Nicol Kallishi


Certifications and Diplomas

Personal Trainer / Life Coach / Nutrition Coach

  • Bachelors Degree with Honours in Dance and Performance
  •  Conservatoire – Performing Arts
  •  Certified Level 4 Life Coach
  •  Level 4 Certificate in Developing Physical Activity and Weight   Management Strategies for Obese Clients (RQF)
  •  Body Fx Nutrition Coach
  •  Level 4 Certificate in Developing Physical Activity and Weight Management Strategies for Diabetic Clients (RQF)
  • Certified Level 4 Gym Instructor & Personal Trainer: 
  1. Exercise Referral
  2. Group Indoor Cycling
  3. Kettlebell training
  4. T3 Coach
  5. Outdoor Fitness
  6. Sports Conditioning
  7. Circuit Instructor

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