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Nissi Beach

The beach Nissi Beach is located 3.5 kilometers West of Ayia Napa’s town centre. It is crystal clear turquoise water and soft white golden sand. It is well sheltered from the winds, hence the mild waves. It is a beach with a rocky formation on its central and Western part. On the Eastern side of the beach, there is a small islet located a short distance from the coastline (45 metres). Due to the low-depth water between the small islet and the main coast, but also due to the relatively short distance between these two points and the effect of the coastal waves, we observe the union of the beach with the island through the formation of a unique sand lane. This phenomenon is remarkable and is considered a landmark, both for Ayia Napa and for Cyprus in general. In the immediate area there are accommodation facilities available for rent, restaurants, a kiosk, and family friendly bars.

It is a very picturesque beach, water is very shallow and clear even if you walk out to the Nissi island. Water sports are good value for money. Definitely a fun and more party vibe then other beaches in the island.


Find it in Google Maps, just write “Nissi beach, Ayia Napa” and follow the directions.