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Cavo Zoe and the Environment – Keeping the island Green

Cavo Zoe and the Environment – Keeping the island Green

Cyprus is a beautiful country with lavish land set alongside the stunning and renowned coastline. This jewel in the Mediterranean deserves to continue unspoilt for future generations to come.

In order to maintain the beauty that Cyprus has to offer, Cavo Zoe implements its own Green Promise which has been awarded Green Key certification and we are proud to do our bit for the environment.

In order to help us maintain this, we record our carbon footprint annually with the plan being to reduce this and build our sustainability year on year.

Our monthly water consumption is recorded and we work hard to try and find ways to reduce this where possible. In order to help us achieve this we encourage our guests to reuse their towels and linens where possible.

Our plastic bottles are all 100% recyclable and where possible we prefer to offer glass to our guests.  We also avoid the use of single-use items, but use bio-degradable options when the use of them is absolutely necessary where possible.

Guests rooms are fitted with key activation systems which means that the electricity is cut off when the room is not in use and also the air conditioning cuts off when the balcony doors are opened.

Our waste is monitored and recycled where possible. We also have bins that encourage our guests to do the same.

The above are just a few of the points that each staff member is trained on, in order to maintain our sustainability. Here at the Cavo Zoe we are proud to be keeping the island green.