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Cape Greco National Forest Park

About 385 hectares of protected environment form the Cape Greco National Forest Park between Ayia Napa and Protaras. Although it no longer holds the juniper forest that gave its name - cut down in the early 1900s to power steam flour mills no longer in existence - the nature reserve is still noteworthy for the flora and fauna diversity within its borders.

Cape Greco National Forest Park is now a game reserve with prohibited hunting and observation points for birdwatchers. Designated an Important Bird Area (IBA), the park is a breeding site for Cyprus wheatears, Cyprus warblers, and black francolins, and a migratory site for many raptors.

There are also hiking trails for nature lovers to explore the park and observe the wildlife: orchids and rare species endemic to Cyprus enjoy the fertile soil providing suitable habitat for butterflies and other insects. You will also see foxes, hares, hedgehogs, snakes (do not disturb), and lizards.

The park has several manmade landmarks, including churches, a lighthouse, and an ancient temple devoted to Aphrodite.