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Troodos Mountains

The Troodos Mountains are the most extensive mountain range in Cyprus. They extend dramatic mountain landscapes blanketed with greenery, undulating valleys, abundant forests, rustic villages, Byzantine churches, copper mines, and several mountain resorts for skiing and mountaineering.

You will need to take your time to explore the vast landscapes of the Troodos Mountains. There will be several Byzantine churches and monasteries along the hiking trails: the UNESCO World Heritage Site encompassing the Painted Churches in the Troƶdos Region is must-see. However, many other temples are on the way, all with typical Cypriot architecture and outstanding frescoes inside.

The black pine forest of the Troodos Mountains is another noteworthy attraction in the area. You will also find several waterfalls, Medieval bridges, and picnic sites. Much of the region is part of the Troodos National Forest Park, holding over 750 species of trees and plants, many endemic to Cyprus. Look out for the iconic Cypriot mouflon (O. g. ophion) - a wild sheep native to Cyprus.

Finally, visit the Troodos Geopark Visitor Centre hosted in a former asbestos mine, featuring a botanical garden, information about the mining practices in the area, and a geological garden illustrating the famed Troodos ophiolite sequence.