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Cavo Zoe is not just a hotel; it's an experience

Cavo Zoe is not just a hotel; it's an experience

A modern oasis where luxury meets sustainability, and where every moment is a celebration of love and togetherness. Cavo Zoe offers an unparalleled escape for the modern couple seeking a retreat that marries luxury with sustainability.


As you step into our newly refurbished lobby, a wave of tranquility washes over you, setting the tone for an unforgettable experience.


The terraced gardens, a marvel of design, cascade down to meet the sea, offering breathtaking views from every corner. The three-level infinity pool, seemingly merging with the horizon, is the perfect spot for a romantic dip as the sun sets over the Levantine Sea.


Your room, designed with comfort and style in mind, is a haven of relaxation. Luxurious amenities await, from plush bedding to rain showers, ensuring a stay that is both indulgent and rejuvenating.


Cavo Zoe's commitment to sustainability is evident in every detail. From the locally sourced ingredients in our restaurant to the eco-friendly materials used throughout the hotel, every effort is made to minimize our carbon footprint.


As the evening unfolds, enjoy a candlelit dinner at our restaurant, where our chefs craft exquisite dishes that celebrate the flavors of Cyprus. After dinner, take a moonlit stroll through the terraced gardens or relax, sipping on a glass of local wine.