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Cutting the Cake

Cutting the Cake

An age old tradition – cutting the cake. It’s the highlight of the wedding reception and something no guest wants to miss. But what is it about cutting the cake that’s so special?

Traditionally, it was only the bride who cut the wedding cake to symbolise her breaking through to womanhood. Today, cutting the cake represents the first activity that the couple get to do together which is why the groom gets to do the honours as well.

Cutting the cake is up there with some of the most classic and photographable moments of a wedding day, and wedding cakes have grown in not only the number of tiers but the intricacy of the designs also.

Whether it be your classic three tier table centrepiece or something a little more quirky the cake takes pride of place on the Bridal table and can be beautifully decorated to become a real show stopper.

Possibilities nowadays are endless, with Wedding cakes being made out of tiers of cheese, doughnut towers, profiteroles, cupcakes and more. It is very easy to display your own unique personality through the wedding cake which is not only a delicious addition to the day, but beautiful to look at also.

In many exciting flavours, textures and designs, we can work with your ideas and bring these to life for your own unique addition. Don’t forget the cake topper too, whether this be the traditional Bride and Groom that can be made to look identical to yourselves nowaday, or stunning fresh flowers, the possibilities are simply endless.

Our fantastic Patisserie Teams are ready to bring your Wedding Cake vision to life!