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Cypriot Hospitality

Cypriot Hospitality

Welcome to Cyprus, an island where the locals will always greet you with a smile and welcoming hospitality.

Cypriots have a warm loving nature which impresses its visitors every time they come to Cyprus.

Perhaps it’s the energy of living on an island blessed with glorious sunshine, warm sun and extended summer, or maybe it’s the buzz of having tourists visit, it could even just be structured into Cypriot DNA. You will always be greeted with a friendly hello accompanied with a handshake or even a hug.

It would not be considered unusual for a Cypriot to open the door to their family homes and welcome you inside, even the first time of meeting you. Once inside you’d be offered coffee and most likely something to eat. Here in Cyprus, Family, Friendships and good manners are highly appreciated.

This pleasant and friendly nature is certainly applied throughout the staff at the Cavo Zoe. We are all very much looking forward to welcoming you into the hotel with a big smile.