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G.M Interview - Keeping The Environment Green

G.M Interview - Keeping The Environment Green

Cavo Zoe and the Environment – Keeping the island Green 


At Cavo Zoe, we recognize the critical impact hotel operations have on the ecological balance on the island. As a result, we’ve implemented a compelling sustainability policy across every aspect of our business, including facilities, services, supply chain, and engagement with guests and local communities.  


Cavo Zoe's Green Promise policy aims to drive responsible travel to Protaras and preserve Cyprus's beautiful nature for generations. We want to positively impact the communities locally, reducing our energy consumption, carbon footprint, water usage, and waste.  


Green hotel operations 


We devise a specific action plan for our Green Promise strategy annually and re-evaluate our programs periodically ensuring they are effective and align with current environmental issues.  


Concrete steps forward: 

  • More than 75% of all the lightbulbs throughout the hotel are energy efficient.
  • All rooms have modern key-activation systems: electricity will not power on without a key inserted in the key holder and will switch off automatically upon the key's removal.
  • A/C units switch off automatically when balcony doors are open.
  • We measure and evaluate our carbon footprint annually and then set more ambitious environmental targets to upgrade sustainability year-on-year.
  • We record water consumption monthly and promote water stewardship across our value chain to reduce wastage through proactive measures that are both environmentally sustainable and economically beneficial.
  • We placed clearly marked recycling containers in various areas on the hotel grounds for oil, batteries, glass, plastic, paper, and residual waste.
  • We banned plastic straws. Moreover, plastic bottles and cups used in our hotel are 100% recyclable and replaced with glass drinkware wherever possible.
  • We promote ecological transportation and car-sharing practices among staff, and guests.
  • We request environmental commitment from our suppliers. We select eco-friendly products that comply with internationally recognized standards of quality. Moreover, we count on our Chef to choose organic, seasonal ecological produce sourced locally. We grow most of the spices in the hotel's garden.


Engaging our staff 

We train staff in accordance with our sustainability policy, motivating them to participate in events that improve our impact on the environment, for example, beach cleaning days.  

Additionally, we organize periodic meetings with the staff to discuss improving the environmental impact through open dialogue and idea sharing.  

Our efforts are not all talk and no action: in office activities, we reduced paper usage to a minimum. We use online tools, and when we must print, we use recycled paper and print on both sides. We also recycle paper in special containers.  

Moreover, office electronics (computers, printers, etc.) are energy efficient with automatic energy-saving mode and switch off when not in use.  


Engaging our guests  


To further our Green Promise efforts, we engage our guests and use all possible tools and materials to influence accountability for the environment and the natural resources sustaining us. Our actions have earned Cavo Zoe the prestigious international eco-label Green Key. 

Our guests receive relevant information about our environmental policies, starting with essential Green Key highlights. We offer guests the opportunity to participate in waste valorisation by letting them know what types of waste we collect and recycle: we display at reception pictures of recycling containers for oil, batteries, glass, plastic, paper, and residual waste.

To contain water and energy wastage, guests are encouraged to reuse their towels and linens and provide materials in every room to inform guests how to request a change of towels or linens when needed. In doing so, we engage guests in practicing responsible travel and positively impacting the environment.  

The ecological focus extends to restaurant menus, featuring foods labelled organic, eco, fair-trade, or  produced in compliance with local and international food labelling regulations.  

To further our green policy, in addition to meat-based menus, we offer vegan and vegetarian meal options made of locally sourced, organic, seasonal produce for all meals. 


All hotel information including the food and drinks menu, spa menu and our Green Promise are available on the hotels QR code system, completely replacing the need for any paper in the hotel. Innovative technology helps reduce our Carbon Footprint whilst still providing the information at the touch of our guest’s fingertips.


Guests receive information about local natural attractions and the green transport to reach them: walking trails, cycling paths, and bus routes. Spending time in nature nurtures body and mind, boosting mood and emotional wellbeing and improving physical health. These are some of the benefits that show why working tirelessly towards preserving the environment is crucial for current and future generations.  

Cavo Zoe considers it an obligation to take action and help our local society. We have realised that  the link between planetary health and human health exists, and our charitable mission is to improve the health of the nation through raising awareness and rewarding those who are actively taking steps in keeping our society healthy. We have created incredibly successful events raising funds for charitable causes and continuously produce innovative ideas to raise awareness for the benefit of good health.


Nature at Cavo Zoe 

Our hotel integrates harmoniously with the surrounding scenery. We landscaped the grounds to reflect Protaras's flora which offers guests a true sanctuary for body, mind, and senses. A herb garden enhances and elevates guests' experience while reflecting our passion for preserving Cyprus's alluring nature.  


 Cavo Zoe recognizes the critical impact hotel operations have on the ecological balance on the island. The management devised a Green Promise policy to implement a sustainability policy across every aspect of the hotel operations and engagement with guests and local communities.  

Cavo Zoe's Green Promise policy aims to drive responsible travel to Protaras and preserve Cyprus's beautiful nature for generations while "Keeping the island green." The policy has already been effective in helping the hotel reduce its energy consumption, carbon footprint, water usage, and waste.  

The hotel management re-evaluates the Green Promise policy periodically measuring its strategy's effectiveness and to introduce more innovative tools that push it beyond operating responsibly towards a net-zero future.