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G.M Interview - The Renovations

G.M Interview - The Renovations

Natural fluidity, refined Quality, Style and Cypriot hospitality

When people look at Cavo Zoe now, they can hardly imagine the former Iris Beach Hotel that operated here less than five years ago. When we bought the foreclosed property from the bank, we did not want to open just another hotel; instead, we aimed to capitalize on the cultural and natural legacy of the place to create a destination, not just a hotel.  

We named the new hotel Cavo Zoe: a reoriented space designed in alignment with Protaras's local nature, cultural heritage, and celebrated Cypriot hospitality.


Elegant indulgence and awe-inspiring flow

It took an investment of about twelve million Euros to bring the newly branded Cavo Zoe and its grounds up to par.

Cavo Zoe was named for its proximity to the Cape Greco headland. "Cavo" stands for a sea-kissed cove. "Zoe" is the Greek word for life, reflecting our mission to bring new life to a virtually ghost property set close to the sea but nowhere close to the spirit of Cypriot hospitality and the otherwise posh enclosures touted in travel guides.

By distancing ourselves from the usual cliches, we achieved a deeper level of hospitality that accounts for mindfulness and well-being whilst delivering a positive contribution to the local economy.

Cavo Zoe stands gracefully on the grounds of the former Iris Beach Hotel, which laid in neglect for several years - an abandoned hotel, if you will - before we acquired it.

We also bought two plots of vacant land next to the hotel: notably, the one leading to the sea was full of rubbish and debris. It is here where Cyprus-based C+ Architects LLC refined the landscape with a three-level waterfall effect infinity pool, following the levels of the hotel's building.

The Architects also came up with the gardens: patches of green scattered all over the hotel grounds - best observed with drone videography but also charming on-site - a herbs garden and a lovely grass lawn rolling downhill from the hotel to the sea.

The hotels spa was designed with nature in mind. Fully equipped with sauna, massage rooms and a welcoming reception, harmonised alongside calming music, it is the perfect place for peace and tranquility.

Each of the three levels of our infinity pool offers a different vantage point to take in the foreground captivating seascapes stretching out forever. At the top story, we have an observation point furnished, to give guests a space to meditate, relax, and take in the alleviating effects of the sea, sunny skies, and tangy breeze.

The same concept follows in the hotel, from the entrance to the last corners of every room: everything flows in tune with nature. We borrowed colours and materials from the environment. We appreciate wood and its natural scent, texture, and aesthetics; therefore, the renovations include wood as a natural highlight whenever possible.

Besides wood, we used a lot of stone and colours inspired by nature. We wanted a smooth flow from accommodation to the hotel's gardens and the sea. All the transitional elements from one level to the next follow the same concept. We have a mix of steps and ramps that make an easy transition from hotel floors to the restaurant, bar, gardens, and pools, leading to the sea.


In focus, the azure

Cavo Zoe is a true seaside hotel. Besides its setting steps away from the beach, it offers sea views - either partial or full - from every room. And that is not all: guests can admire the endless waltz of the Mediterranean from any public space on the hotel's grounds, from the restaurant, right through to the gardens and pools, and ending with the pool bar.

The sea, and the natural flow of water in general, inspired the renovations and landscaping. We wanted to give our guests a sense of place in addition to all the posh comforts they deserve when they plan a holiday in Cyprus.

Take the pool bar, for example: not only does it have dazzling sea views, but it also flaunts restful cabanas that provide a respite from the stress and energy activities like tours, hikes, and cycling.

Our multimillion-euro renovation project included innovative technology from the get-go. As a result, every room flaunts energy-saving bulbs and other torch-bearing features.

The gym was also well thought out, having developed from its once home in the basement and taken to a glass fronted unique sea view, to give motivation to those partaking in cardio activities.

We understand that hospitality is an ever-evolving organism, and we grow with it. We take pride in being young, dynamic, forward-thinking, and forward-looking. We left nothing to chance: more than providing accommodation and amenities, we want to positively impact nature and the local economy.

Governed and inspired by the sea, we are Protaras's torchbearers, and as the world evolves, we will keep upgrading our operations to comply. But, right now, we are proud to be standing amongst the most fashionable and innovative Cypriot destinations by the sea.



Cavo Zoe hotel by the sea is a labour of love, passion, and respect for Cyprus and our country's historical legacy and values. Of course, we expect this business to be profitable, but our focus is to give back to Protaras, the land, the sea, and nature.

We have invested heavily into renovations and will keep upgrading, for example, expanding and implementing smart technologies.

The abandoned hotel before Cavo Zoe had outdated rooms, a cantina-like restaurant, and rubbish-infested sea views. We shifted the paradigm: we bedazzled the horizon. Our brand-new restaurant, overlooking the cape, is comfortable and in one of the most prime locations on the coastline.  

We now have infinity pools and other comforts, including an Instagramable vantage point, well defined in our restoration plans. The Cavo Zoe is a continuously developing and ongoing project that is set to see the hotel being taken to even further heights in order to boost and elevate the experience overall for our welcomed guests.


Contribution of upgrading the Cypriot Tourist product

The renovation project that is continuously in development, has added a unique boutique style of hotel onto the Protaras coastline and has attracted a niche clientele of tourists from all over the World. We are happy to attract a fashionable market of young couples and solo travellers who choose the Cavo Zoe, as we offer diversity to target their market and have tailored our design plans around this. For example we attract health conscious guests who find the gym inspiring, whilst working out overlooking the Mediterranean. Our spa promotes well-being and has been designed with relaxation and rejuvenation as its key point.

The design and functionality even extends into the kitchen where our herb garden grows a large selection which we incorporate into our healthy tasty menu, with many vegan options around our clienteles needs.

The location on which our hotel stands was always beneficial by itself with many nature trails nearby. However having adapted our design to tailor to the needs of the clientele helps attract a small, but also critical market into Cyprus tourism, of a young and trendy, image conscious and social media friendly age, thus promoting Cyprus via various platforms online. We here at the Cavo Zoe are happy to have helped attract such an interesting market onto the island.