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G.M Interview - We Care

G.M Interview - We Care

Here at the Cavo Zoe seaside hotel we take great care of the society in our efforts to integrate individual well being with environmental systems.

We love exploring the world and all of it’s natural beauty - but we believe this should be done in a sustainable way: without compromising the ability of future generations to explore the same beauty. We are passionate about making changes, to ensure our impact on the environment is a positive one. We want to reinforce our intentions, and that’s why we’re implementing our own Green Promise. We vow to do our bit to help save the environment, and we encourage our valued guests to get on board and help us achieve this.

Part of our dedication is the active support of our local community by taking actions such as community events and raising awareness for important causes with the purpose of improving our local environment.

Our Efforts in Society

We take great care of the society in our efforts to integrate individual well being with environmental systems.
We understand that the impact of Global Pandemic Covid-19 was difficult for everyone, but none more so than the Doctors that were facing pressuring circumstances in the efforts of making those affected better. In order to recognise these efforts, we invited 100 Doctors to stay with us for 300 room nights in total. Allowing them respite during a time where travel was difficult and in turn reducing our Global Footprint having them holiday under our hospitality.

We care for our society, and actively promote campaigns to raise awareness for important causes. One example in our efforts is promoting Breast Cancer awareness by bathing Cavo Zoe in pink during October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month. We also realised that, given the link between planetary health and human health, and our charitable mission to improve the health of the nation, environmental sustainability is key.

Cavo Zoe's tagline of "cultivate your culture" helps to expand our guests thought process and in doing so by sharing awareness for such causes, potentially saving lives.

A charity Event for our ‘’Little Heroes
Because not even one kid should fight alone.

Cavo Zoe Seaside Hotel joined forces with the volunteer group ''Λευκωσιάζω'' for the “Little Heroes” Children battling cancer.

We dedicated this event to the “Little Heroes” the initiative of Mr. Loukas Fourlas, which aims to help children battling cancer. We organized on Thursday, August 19, a concert charity evening, in the open air of the hotel, with the amazing singer Fotini Darra and the great orchestrator and pianist George Papachristoudis, who came under the auspices of the Minister of Health Mr. Michalis Hadjipandelas. On the evening of August 19, at the Cavo Zoe Seaside Hotel, a special setting was set up that perfectly harmonized with the character, style and meaning of the event, which was nothing more than an offer to the children.
All the net income of this charity night donated to the “Little Heroes” , the
initiative of Mr. Loukas Fourlas “Our support, expression of love to all children.