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See & Do – Catamaran Experience

See & Do – Catamaran Experience

Is there possibly a more relaxing thought that sailing the Mediterranean alongside the beautiful coastline of Cyprus, with the warm sunshine on your skin and the sound of the waves?

A Catamaran leisure cruise can provide all of the above! Enjoy a wonderful day sailing and swimming, whilst drinking cocktails or savouring the food from their buffet. Be taken aback from the breath-taking sunset on board or enjoy paddling on the canoes. For ultimate relaxation, simply lay down on the sunbeds and just enjoy the sun and the sea.

View Cyprus from the sea and marvel at the stunning coastline with hidden sea caves and beautiful rock formations. If you are into your marine life then you can jump off the boat with your snorkel and get exploring.

Regardless, by the time that you dock back at the harbour you will be relaxed and filled with fantastic memories.