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See & Do – Places to visit Paralimni

See & Do – Places to visit Paralimni

Located just a short bus ride away from touristic Protaras, lies a quaint village with hidden beauty – Paralimni.

The word Paralimni means “by the lake” and was originally built on the shores of a shallow lake, that is only filled throughout the winter months, and dries up throughout the warm summer months.

At the heart of Paralimni today lies a small shopping center and a small entertainment scene including cafes and bars. The area itself is generally quite busy with locals and is great to pass by to experience traditional Cypriot lifestyle.

One of the most beautiful features, central to Paralimni is the stunning St George’s Church. Made up of both the old St George and the new Metropolitan Cathedral, Saint George is the patron Saint and protector of the town of Paralimni.

Quaint little side streets and narrow one way roads, add to the authenticy of this small town and is great for exploring. There are so many hidden gems to find in the area.