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Vanity – Our favourite Sin.

Vanity – Our favourite Sin.

Let us take you on a journey where you will discover ultimate relaxtion and rejuvenation. Close your eyes and let your mind wander into a state of calm and well-being.

This is where the ambiance takes over you and the environment is pleasing to your senses. You are now able to forget any worries or stresses you have and enjoy. Listening to peaceful music in the background you can feel your mind and body escape into a calm state.

Detoxification in the sauna can not only increase your metabolism, blood circulation, and offer skin rejuvenation, but also sets you up for a great night’s sleep too.

The steam room can leave your skin glowing and reduces stress, whilst promoting a variation of health benefits.

Soak the stress away in the jacuzzi and let the bubbles lower your blood pressure. The jets can give a stimulating massage allowing you to feel wonderful by the time you get out.

With so many advantageous benefits to the massages on offer let your muscles be kneaded with soothing strokes, let any aches or anxiety wear away and feel like a completely new person by the time its over.

Our Vanity Spa is a warm and welcoming environment with trained and friendly professionals ready to take you on this incredible journey into the abyss.

Designed with tranquillity in mind, the décor creates the pathway ready for you to indulge in this transformation.

Complete and equipped with a range of quality products, the scents and the feeling on your body will enhance your mind and soul. Complete with fluffy towels and bathrobes we are ready to welcome you into the Vanity Spa for an experience like no other.